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Dylox 6.2% Granular Insecticide 30# Insecticides

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Dylox 6.2 Insecticide Granules are highly effective in controlling both surface and sub-surface feeding insects. Dylox 6.2 is a highly soluble insecticide that can penetrate up to 1/2″ of thatch to control sub-surface insects such as mole crickets and white grubs. Dylox 6.2 Insecticide works by contact and ingestion ensuring a quick and effective way to control listed insects. Insects labeled for control by Dylox 6.2 include white grubs, mole crickets, bluegrass weevil, sod webworms, cutworms and armyworms. Dylox 6.2 controls many different types of white grubs including May or June beetle, Northern and Southern masked chafer, European chafer, black turfgrass antaenius and others. Rates are 2-3# per 1,000 sq. ft. depending on insect type. See label for exact directions and rates. Dylox 6.2 Insecticide Granules can be used as a rotation partner with pyrethrin based insecticides.


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