Facebook The Complete Guide to get Your Pond Ready for the Winter Months

The Complete Guide to get Your Pond Ready for the Winter Months

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet


Although it is officially still the autumn season, it’s the perfect time to prepare your backyard or commercial pond to ensure it is ready to survive the long winter months ahead. Here’s how.

Remove Your Pond Filter

If your pond will not be running during the winter months and you use a pond filter, be sure to remove it while preparing your pond for winter. Leaving the filter elements in the pond while the water freezes increases the chances of damage to your filter in the spring.

Clean the Pond

You will need a long rake to pull dead leaves and plants, algae, flowers, and other debris to the edge of the pond, taking care not to damage the pond liner. Next, remove the debris from the end of the rake and place it in a trash bag. Take extra caution not to disrupt floating vegetation while cleaning because it can grow again in the spring.

Move Any Remaining Plants

If any tall plants remain, move them inside if you expect your pond to completely freeze over. For climates where water does not freeze entirely, move the plants down lower into the pond. You will need to dig a minimum of 18 inches to keep them safe during the winter season.

Vacuum the Pond

After completing the above steps, finish the job by running a vacuum hose across the bottom. This clears away any remaining debris as well as eliminates any wastes that can be toxic to fish.

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