How do I adjust the pressure on my sprinkler pump?

How do I adjust the pressure on my sprinkler pump?

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How to Determine If Winter Has Damaged Your Sprinklers

Let’s imagine for a second that the winter winds have subsided, the ground is becoming lush, and spring is just around the corner. Sounds pretty nice, right? These warmer temperatures, while enjoyable, also signal that it’s time to check your sprinkler system. Has the winter damaged your sprinkler system? Is your sprinkler spraying water evenly across the landscape? Is water coming out too quickly or too slowly? If your sprinkler system is not working perfectly, then you might need to check the pressure of your sprinkler pump.

Troubleshoot Sprinkler Pressure Issues

The pressure of your sprinkler system should be set to the landscape that it is watering. In order to set the pressure correctly you will need to examine the following characteristics.

  • Soil condition and plant types. — Look for soil that is too wet or too dry. Check for puddles and water runoff. Research and understand how much water the plants need on a daily basis.
  • Landscape. — Is the sprinkler system watering a level surface or a hill? Does the water sit stagnantly or flow quickly once it touches the ground?
  • Natural rainfall. — Understanding the natural rain conditions can help you to better determine how often you should be watering at at what pressure. Remember, natural rainwater will change the soil composition, which could make it too wet for your chosen sprinkler pressure.

Once you have determined the appropriate sprinkler pressure settings, you will be ready to adjust your sprinkler pump to best meet your landscape’s watering needs.

  • Check the manufacturing labels before you adjust the sprinkler pump pressure. You need to make sure that your chosen pressure setting is within the manufacturer’s advisable rates.
  • If the amount of water coming out of the sprinkler appears to be too low for the chosen pressure, then you should check for an obstruction in the feeder line. Any type of kink at the input point can also cause low pressure, or bursts of intense water pressure to occur.
  • While you are adjusting the pump, you should also check to make sure that the entire sprinkler line is working properly.
  • For many sprinkler systems, the pump can be adjusted with a simple pump pressure switch. Installing this switch can take the “guess work” out of adjusting the sprinkler system.

When your sprinkler system is properly adjusted, you can enjoy the convenience of setting automatic timers and watching your landscape blossom into a beautiful spring oasis. For additional tips on adjusting the pressure on your sprinkler pump, contact the experts at Irrigation Outlet. Irrigation Outlet is your source for sprinkler pump parts, maintenance tips, and the tools needed to prepare your landscape for any season!