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Keeping your coffee hot long enough to enjoy every last drop is almost impossible in
today?s busy world. Not anymore. Say hello to the ORCA Chaser Caf?, our 20 ounce
stainless steel beverage holder with a convenient built-in handle. Our entire Chaser line
now includes our signature ORCA whale tail flip top lid for easier portability. Great for
just about any on the go activity, the ORCA Chaser Caf? is ready to be put in your cup
holder and go wherever life takes you.

•   20 quart storage capacity
•   Durable, roto-molded construction
•   Integrated insulation for a maximum ice/cold retention
•   Lid gasket to ensure a perfect seal
•   Single Flex Grip Stainless Steel Handle for simple solo portage
•   Cargo net attachment for added storage
•   Easy-flow drainage spout

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