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Imazapyr 2SL Herbicide 2.5 Gallon Soil Sterilants

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Alligare Ecomazapyr 2SL herbicide can be used to control undesireable floating and emerged aquatic vegetation in and around standing and flowing water. Alligare Ecomazapyr 2SL can also be used to control undesirable vegetation such as grasses and brush in terrestrial sites. Aquatic weeds listed for control include alligatorweed, giant reed, cattail, nightshade, cogongrass, water lily, and Brazilian pepper. Can be tanked mixed with glyphosate for increased control of unwanted vegetation. Breaks down rapidly in aquatic systems and features low usage rates than other aquatic herbicides. Alligare Ecomazapyr 2SL rapidly translocates through stem and leaf tissue of targeted plants. Provides broad-spectrum control of many difficult types of vegetation including woody vegetation. See label for application rates and additional information.


Ecomazapyr 2SL Herbicide Label
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