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Heritage DF fungicide is a broad-spectrum strobulin based fungicide that can be used on both turf and ornamentals. This highly effective fungicide is absorbed by the leaves and roots of targeted plants and is translocated upward . Heritage DF fungicide allows for longer spray intervals due to its systemic nature. Heritage DF fungicide controls over 20 turf diseases including brown patch, pythium and snow mold. Heritage DF fungicide can be applied at the time of seeding to increase the survival rate of seedlings during establishment. Heritage DF fungicide is a good rotation partner for other fungicides from different fungicide categories that can decrease resistence in targeted plants. Heritage DF fungicide also controls many common diseases in ornamental plants such as blights, leaf spots, powdery mildew, rusts, soilborn diseases and others. See label for directions and usage rates for Heritage DF fungicide.


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