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Garden Drip Kit 1000′. This garden drip kit is ideal for larger gardens. Uses drip tape with emitters every 12″ to provide even water up to 1000′ of row length. Uses 1/2 gallon of water per minuter per 100′ of drip tape. Easy to install and helps to prevent diseases and weeds with precise delivery of water. Included in the kit are the following: 3/4″ faucet adapter, 3/4″ filter, pressure regulator, drip tubing adapter, 100′ roll of 5/8″ drip tubing (16mm), (20) drip tubing to drip tape adapters, hole punch, (2) drip tubing end clamps, (1) drip tubing tee, (25) tubing stakes, (10) goof plugs, (2) drip tubing repair couplings, (5) drip tape repair couplings and roll teflon tape.


GDK1000 Installation Instructions


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