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Pesticide Policy

Irrigation Outlet does not warranty the safety or effectiveness of pesticides available for sale on our website. All pesticides products contain an EPA registered label that includes directions for use. The pesticide label is a binding legal document and is considered the law in regards to where and how a product is applied. The pesticide label should be consulted and adhered to before making any application.

Labels and MSDS documents are available on our website for download and review prior to purchase of the product. Remember that the label is the law. Any advice or recommendations made by Irrigation Outlet are not meant to supplement or supersede pesticide product labels. Irrigation Outlet may offer general advice or recommendations based on general product and pest knowledge. Due to additional factors it is impossible to know if certain products are applicable for your specific pest situation.

Due to local state, county, city, country, etc. codes regarding pesticide usage and purchasing, it is the purchaser/end user’s responsibility to verify if products are registered in their specific area. Purchasers/end users are also responsible for any permits or licenses that may be required before applying pesticides in their specific state, county, city, country, etc. Due to numerous codes and regulations that vary by state, county, city, country, etc. it is impossible for Irrigation Outlet to know exactly which products are registered in your area.

Irrigation Outlet does not manufacture any pesticide products. Any warranty of products due to effectiveness, safety or adverse effects lies solely with the manufacturer of that product.