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Why You Want a Fertilizer Injection System

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The value of having a fertilizer injection system

Why You Want a Fertilizer Injection System

Every farmer wants to see their crops grow strong and green while producing the highest yield possible, and a fertilizer injection system is part of that process. Fertilizer injection systems should be fast, reliable, and produce repeatable results.

• Time Saving: An injection system places fertilizer exactly where your plant needs the fertilizer to be. It does this quickly and efficiently. These systems work faster than humans and work as long as you do, which allows you to fertilize more crops with less energy and less man-power.

• Reliability: Every piece of equipment needs to be reliable. Good quality injector systems are easy to maintain, work longer between maintenance, and do exactly what they are supposed to do when they are supposed to do it. Quality products should have clog-free nozzles, UV protected hoses, and heavy duty fittings.

• Repeatable Results: Crop plants have the same basic needs from one plant to the next. The repeatable factor is visible when you look out over your field, and you see that plants are growing at the same rate. You should see that their color is even throughout the entire crop. A quality fertilizer injector system delivers the exact amount of fertilizer to each plant each time so that the results are visible to the farmer.

There are a lot of choices out there when it comes to choosing the right injector system for your project. We are happy to discuss with you which products you should consider, and why those products meet our quality assurance process.

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