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Why would I need to use pigment dye?

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Whether it’s the cold of winter, the dry conditions of a drought or a pest that is wreaking havoc, the conditions and appearance of your greens, lawn and landscaping is a direct reflection on your home or business. But how do you improve the appearance when conditions are preventing the natural beauty of the plants from shining through? One approach many places take is to use a dye or pigment to green up the appearance of your lawn and landscaping plants. Here’s some additional information on how these additives work to improve appearance.

The Difference Between Pigments and Dyes

Though these compounds sound like the same thing, there are actually a few crucial differences in these landscape appearance options:

What is a dye?

A dye is a substance that can be dissolved in water and is then applied to the surface of a plant, changing its color from the outside. Because it’s not actually a part of the plant, it creates a temporary green color before UV light from the sun breaks down the compound. It also creates a vivid color difference for a short period of time. This makes it handy to add to a pesticide spray, so you can quickly tell where you’ve already sprayed, allowing you to avoid wasting the pesticide and reducing the amount of excess that may be released into the environment.

What is a pigment?

A pigment, by comparison, is a substance that does not dissolve in water. This allows it to form a substance on the surface of the plant itself, which is not broken down as easily as dyes are. This creates a longer change, with the pigment remaining in place until the grass grows out and is cut.
By keeping these tools as part of your available options during a time of landscaping crisis, you can ensure that the appearance of your home or business never fades when it’s needed most. If you need more information about pigment dyes, contact us today to speak to Irrigation Outlet’s experienced staff.