Facebook Ultimate Lawn Guide: Getting Rid of Brown Spots  

Ultimate Lawn Guide: Getting Rid of Brown Spots  

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Your lawn is your pride and joy and the first impression people get of your home. Because of this, there is nothing worse than seeing brown spots forming in your yard, except not to understand what is causing it. While there is the possibility that your lawn has been scorched by the hot rays of the sun, if the spots are isolated and slimy, the root cause could be a fungal disease. So the question is, how do you get this disease under control and eliminate the brown spots?

Treating Brown Spots in Your Yard

When it comes to treating the brown spots in your yard all you need to do is follow a few simple tips to heal your yard and help get it back on track to looking fabulous.

  • Avoid walking on the area – A fungal disease can spread by tracking it across the lawn on the soles of your shoe.
  • Clean mowing equipment with a 1:10 part bleach and water solution after each use.
  • Appropriately fertilize your lawn – Using the right amount of fertilizer is as important as choosing the right fertilizer. Too much fertilizer or too little can make your lawn more prone to fungi. If you are not sure which type of fertilizer to choose, your lawn care professional can provide you with the best options for your lawn needs.
  • Do not over water – Try watering less frequently but for a longer period of time. Also, consider watering in the morning so it will have the rest of the day to absorb and evaporate.
  • Dethatch your lawn – Dethatching your lawn will remove a small layer from the top of your grass, giving the soil the opportunity to breathe to reduce the conditions that can lead to a fungal outbreak.
  • Apply a fungicide – If your fungal problem is too advanced, or does not improve, it may be best to apply a fungicide such as Armada 50WDG Fungicide which is powerful against fungal disease in both northern and southern areas.

Get Help to Get Your Lawn Healthy

If your yard is plagued by brown spots and you are looking for the right fungicide to rid yourself of the problem, the specialists at Irrigation Outlet can help. Contact Irrigation Outlet today to get your lawn healthy and happy again.