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Storm-water Ruining Your Landscape? Learn How to Prevent Problems with a Catch Basin!

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You’ve just gotten your landscaping just right? Your yard looks beautiful, and then a thunderstorm dumps inches and inches of rain and ruins your hard work. What’s the answer?

Catch Basin – A Solution for Excess Water in Your Yard

A catch basin is an enclosed receptacle that is buried underground, usually at the lowest point in your yard. Its purpose is to collect excess rainwater and carry it off your property.

The opening at top of the basin has a grate installed to prevent it from clogging, either from leaves or storm debris. The opening underground is connected to a drainage line which lies in a sloped trench leading to a public drain system or creek (where legally permitted) or sandy area where the water filters back into the ground.

Where Can a Catch Basin Be Used?

  • Drain off water from your house gutters.
  • Collect and drain from a low spot in your yard.
  • Drain water that collects near your home’s foundation.
  • Drain water from a low area in your driveway.
  • Remove standing water from a stone patio or pool deck.

Why Catch Basins Are Important for your Property

Damage from excess water is expensive to repair – water seeks its own level, ending up in unsuspected places.

  • Standing water kills trees and ornamental plants.
  • Standing water kills grass and expensive sod.
  • Standing water is a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
  • If standing water seeps into your foundation, your foundation may crack or sink.

Before beginning your drainage project, prepare a list of the items you’ll need. Don’t forget connectors and pipe. You’ll also need stone for your trenches.

Call or email the professionals at Irrigation Outlet. We’ll make sure that you have everything you need to complete your job.