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Sprinkler Repair Tips for Homeowners

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Seeing either of these two signs that you need sprinkler repair?

Sprinkler Repair Tips for Homeowners

If you have lawn sprinklers around your home, there will eventually be a need for sprinkler repair. It’s a good idea for homeowners to maintain a file for the various systems in their house. A lawn sprinkler system will be a lot less mysterious if you keep information such as the owner’s manual for your irrigation controller, specification sheets on the control valves and information relating to the size and type of sprinkler heads in your yard. This information will be helpful in ensuring that you order the proper repair parts.

Most sprinkler head repairs fall into two categories.
• Too much water
• Not enough water

Too much water is easy to spot — there’s a fountain where no fountain should be or an unplanned pond in your lawn. Most of the time that fountain is caused by a sprinkler head that got chopped by a mower. The repair is pretty straight-forward, you replace the damaged sprinkler head. Visit http://www.irrigationoutlet.com and order a new one.

That unplanned pond is most likely caused by a slower leak that is usually underground and coming from a cracked pipe or fitting in the system. It’s not technically sprinkler repair, but it usually is within a do-it-yourselfer’s capabilities to replace the broken section of pipe.

Not enough water can take a little more detective work. Is this the only sprinkler head that isn’t working? Check it for clogs. The entire zone? Could be pipe blockage or leaking, or you might have too many sprinklers on at the same time. No water at all? Check valves and controllers — and make sure you had the water turned on. You’d be surprised at how often that happens!

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