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Natural Garden Solutions for Bad Bug Problems

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet


One frustration that many gardeners face is insect invasions. Vegetables or flowers look good one day, and the next half of the leaves, blooms, or produce has been ravaged by evil little critters looking for a free meal. There are several ways to prevent insects from “bugging” you and your plants.

  1. Make certain the soil is healthy and right for the things you want to grow. If not, you can “strengthen” it up with additives that will help create strong roots and beautiful and delicious produce. Don’t just focus on having “healthy” soil though, focus on having soil that will be healthy for the things you plan to grow.
  2. Attract the good guys to beat the bad guys. If you can attract insects like praying mantis and other beneficial insects, many of your bad bug problems will be solved. The good insects will eat the bad insects, and the good guys won’t eat your produce.
  3. Protect your plants with natural products. At Irrigation Outlet, we offer several products that will protect your garden, your yard, and even your houseplants without harming people or pets.
    • Dipel Dust has natural bacteria that helps control cabbageworm, tomato hornworm and other pests. This product can even be used up to the day of harvest and your produce will remain safe.
    • Natural Pyrethrin Concentrate is a safe, cousin treatment of the chrysanthemum, and can be used to vegetables to control many different bugs and it can be used for houseplants or in greenhouses. It is safe, and it keeps the bad bugs away.

Irrigation Outlet has many other insecticides to help protect your garden, lawn, trees, or anything else you’re growing. Find the right solution to keep the bad bugs away.