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How to Prevent Clogs in your Outdoor Drain

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet


Outdoor drains – also known as yard drains or landscape drains – are usually present in properties with swimming pools, varying terrains, and extensive landscaping. The purpose of this drain is to divert water to the storm drain or down the street especially during a torrential downpour.

Unfortunately, outdoor drains are susceptible to clogging from fallen leaves, trash, and debris. You can only detect this by inspecting the drainage and pipes on a routine basis.

You can prevent clogging by doing the following:

Clean Catch Basin

Remove the grate covering the catch basin and remove debris or pebbles that may have collected there. If this drainage has a network, clean out each branch pipe using a shop vac. Push the device as far as it can go in all directions.

Flush With Water

Having removed the reachable debris, flush out the rest with water using a garden hose so you can channel water down each pipe. Repeat this process at each branching pipe until all debris is gone and water is flowing well.

Termination Point

Check the termination point at the curb or other water channels like down the slope. Scoop all the debris that has collected here, so there is no clogging the next time water comes through.

The above process may seem arduous, but it doesn’t have to be if routine maintenance is done habitually. Avoid chemical products at all cost as they can corrode pipes made of cast-iron and what’s more, these chemicals don’t do a thorough job. Call Irrigation Outlet for all of your irrigation and drainage needs.