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How to keep water from pooling in your yard  

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If you have spots on your lawn where water frequently pools, it is more than just unattractive. Pooling in yards can kill your grass over time and even nearby plants and shrubs that are not water resistant. Even worse, pooling attracts mosquitoes. Using topsoil to fill in the trouble spots may only transfer the problem to another area of the lawn. However, solving a pooling issue does not have to be a major improvement project.

All you have to do is choose the right easy-to-install drainage system.

How serious is the issue?

Pooling water following a large cloudburst is common. If, however, pooling is frequent after normal amounts of rain, and if it’s still pooling a day or two later, it’s time to address the problem. Fixing it may be as simple as digging a small trench and installing a catch basin. Catch basins involve digging a hole so the basin sits low enough to collect the water and then lets it flow through a PVC pipe placed in the trench. The water flows to a spot where it can drain further.

A French drain is another option. It requires perforated corrugated pipe placed in a shallow trench that is then covered with gravel or some other coarse aggregate.

Let us help.

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