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How to Ensure Your Sprinkler System is Working Properly  

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Your sprinkler system should be checked frequently to ensure it’s working properly. There are a number of simple checks you can conduct. They’ll confirm that the system isn’t leaking, that all the sprinkler heads are functioning correctly and that the timer is operating according to how you have it set.

Check the Water Meter

Look at the water meter gauge. There’s a smaller dial on the face, which is the leak indicator. If the arrow on the leak indicator is spinning when the water is off, then there’s a leak somewhere in the system. You’ll need to troubleshoot that further to figure out where the leak is. If the arrow’s not spinning, it’s safe to assume your sprinkler system is leak-free.

Check Your Controller

Go to your irrigation controller. Turn one zone on to operate. Then walk out to that zone and make sure the sprinklers are operational. Test each zone, one by one, in this matter. This will help you to confirm that sprinkler heads are operating as they should and that the controller is functioning properly. Also, check the controller to confirm that the run times are set to reflect the water required for that time of year.

Review Your Water Bill

Check your water bill and compare it month by month with the previous year. Look at the water usage, not the amount, because rate increases and tariffs may create differences in the bills. If you notice any large increase in water usage for a particular season compared to last year, there could be a problem with the water meter or another component in the sprinkler system.

Get a Sprinkler System Audit

You can also have a professional come out and do a thorough sprinkler system audit if you suspect something is amiss and are having trouble figuring out what the issue is.

These tips to help ensure your sprinkler system is working properly can be done in a single afternoon. It’s worth it to carefully maintain your sprinkler system since water is a limited resource that should be treasured.