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How can I control the flow of storm water runoff in my yard?

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Water Runoff

Avoid the damaging effects of storm water runoff.

When you get a little rain on your lawn, it’s a great benefit that keeps you from having to run your irrigation system. But what about the runoff from a serious storm? Storm water runoff can carry pollutants into your watershed, cause soil loss through erosion and is difficult to manage. So how can you control the flow of storm water runoff in your yard? Here are some tips:

  • Store it: One of the easiest solutions to controlling rainwater runoff is by installing a cistern or rain barrel that is fed from the water that runs off your roof. Simply route the water from your gutter downspout into a barrel and put a hose spigot at the bottom, remembering to raise the barrel a few inches off the ground so you have space to attach a hose.
  • Plant bare patches: If you have bare spots of soil, this is a prime location for erosion to start. Plant them with sod, ground cover or grass seed covered with straw to help plants grow – their roots will hold the soil in place.
  • Install permeable pavers: These plastic pieces are filled with soil or gravel and allow water to permeate the soil instead of running off an impermeable surface like asphalt or concrete.
  • Add drainage to your yard: If you have areas that become boggy with excess moisture, look at adding drainage features to your yard, including channel drains and catch basins. By slowing the rate of flow and providing the water someplace else to go, you’re keeping the water from running off.
  • Plant a rain garden: Another option is planting a rain garden, which uses plants that thrive in wet conditions. Because they’ll take up the water quickly and don’t require much irrigation between storms, they’re a great option.

Now that you’ve had the opportunity to look at ways to control rainwater runoff in your yard, it’s time to put these tips into action. If you have any questions about what materials will work best to help set up your storm water runoff controls, please contact us.