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DIY – Winterize Your Irrigation System

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DIY - Winterize Your Irrigation System

3 Easy Steps to Winterize Your Irrigation System

During the winter months, it’s important to winterize your irrigation system. When the weather drops below freezing, if there is water in the system, that water will freeze. Freezing water expands and can damage the piping and other system components.

Here are the steps you need to take to winterize your irrigation system.

1. Turn off the water supply at the main valve:
This is usually located near your water meter.

2. Drain the water:
You need to remove all of the water inside the entire system. To blow the water out of the system using an air compressor, you will need to close off both of the valves on your irrigation system’s backflow preventer. Then, remove the plug on the blow-out and attach the hose adapter onto the compressor. Open up each of the valves, one at a time, and turn on the air compressor. Increase the air pressure gradually, without exceeding 50 psi. You will need to continue the process until each of the valves is blown out, and all of the water is removed.

3. Turn the system controller off
: Turn the controller to the “off” position for the winter.

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