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5 Pond Upgrades You Can’t Live Without

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A pond beautifies your property in many ways. It draws beneficial wildlife and provides a place to grow attractive aquatic plants, such as water lilies. You can use several different techniques to enhance it:

1. Pump

Fountain pumps aerate water while creating pleasant white noise. This improves a pond’s appearance and smell by preventing stagnation. The circulation benefits small animals even as it repels mosquitoes and discourages them from laying eggs.

  • Helps fish
  • Reduces algae
  • Deters pests

2. Lights

Electric lighting may prove desirable if you enjoy spending time outdoors in the evening. It will illuminate the water, plants, rocks and any fish. You can purchase floating or underwater lights for your pond.

3. Waterfall

If a pond doesn’t have any natural waterfalls, you may create this appealing effect with the help of a waterfall starter. These units maximize realism by hiding everything but the water and rocks.

4. Statue

Eye-catching statuettes draw attention to ponds and improve their appearance throughout the year. Many resemble mermaids, children, fish, frogs or birds. You may find it amusing to see how real animals behave around these statues.

  • Herons
  • Rabbits
  • Toads

5. Liner

A pond liner separates the water from adjacent soil. This stops rain from causing erosion and prevents most leaks. Soil doesn’t affect the color or cleanliness of lined ponds.

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