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3 Ways to Illuminate Your Yard with Landscape Lighting

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet

Landscape Lighting

Are you looking for ways to improve your property? Landscape lighting improves both the look and safety of your landscape. Here are three ways to effectively illuminate your yard.

1. Directional Lighting

Directional lighting can be used to direct attention to particularly attractive features of your yard. Often, this style of lighting is used beneath specimen trees or to highlight other design elements such as a rock wall or statuary. At night, the light is filtered upwards through the branches, giving a very impressive effect.

2. Underwater Lights

If you have any outdoor water features, underwater lights make these even more stunning after dark. Underwater lights can be installed in manmade Koi ponds, natural frog ponds or other water features. In addition to the beautification, underwater lights add a safety function for anyone walking around at night.

3. Area and Path Lights

To enhance both the safety and attractiveness of your landscape, consider installing area and path lights. These can be installed at intervals alongside front paths, driveways and more. If you have a particular path in your yard, such as a path to a back garden or to a workshop, path lights can help to illuminate the way as well as to brighten the back yard. Area lights look especially good when installed around outdoor living spaces such as decks and patios.

4. Timers

Setting up your landscape lighting with timers makes it convenient for you to illuminate your landscape each night without having to think about it. Timers are also valuable energy savers, since it can be challenging to remember to turn off landscape lighting as dawn breaks.

Landscape lighting increases the curb appeal of your home, enhances safety and adds value. To find out how landscape lighting can be used around your property, contact Irrigation Outlet today.