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3 Ways to Achieve Better Yard Drainage  

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Having good yard drainage ensures that your landscaping bounces right back after inclement weather. Here are three ways that you can achieve better yard drainage.

Your Drainage Plan

For more complex problems, you may need a property sketch that includes all of the features of your yard. After this, you can use a hand held sight level to find the low spots that are most susceptible to standing water.

Making a Creek Bed

If you invest in a creek bed. This is basically a trench lined with stones and edged with plants. It will add to the look of your lawn and channel excess water away from the low spots in your landscaping. Here’s the best part – creek beds look great even when they are dry.

Building a Rain Garden

The low spots in your landscaping can become a beautiful rain garden, especially if it retains water for long periods of time. Planting native shrubs and perennials on the downside slope of your yard can help redirect runoff, sediment and lawn chemicals.
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