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3 Questions to Ask Before Installing a Channel Drain  

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet


A channel drain, also referred to as a trench drain, is a type of floor drain that is frequently used to evacuate surface water or to contain utility lines or spills. When it comes to landscaping and gardening, most homeowners install channel drains for the evacuation of water. Here are three questions to ask before installing a channel drain.

1. Where will the channel drain be installed?

One major factor that should influence the type of channel drain you install is location. If you are installing the drain in an area where it will experience extreme freeze and thaw, you should ensure that the channel drain is made out of metal or polymer concrete rather than plastic. Unlike metal or polymer concrete, plastic is far more prone to freeze-thaw. In fact, a plastic trench drain is at risk of separating from the concrete during freeze/thaw cycles.

2. What aesthetics are you looking for?

If the trench drain will be visible, you should install one that will suit the aesthetics of your home. Narrow plastic drains, which have 1-2″ widths, usually don’t come with decorative grating options. Larger plastic systems, which have 3″+ widths, usually have decorative grating options in stone, plastic, cast iron, and even stainless steel. Picking the right decorative grating option can reduce unsightliness.

3. What are the load requirements?

Depending on where you will install the channel drain, you should consider load requirements. For example, if you’re installing the trench drain in the driveway, you need to make sure that you choose a load bearing drains. The drains that are manufactured with vehicle traffic in mind tend to be small and have reinforcing frames and cast iron grates.

As long as you consider these questions, you should have no problem buying and installing the right channel drain for your needs. For more information about channel drains, don’t hesitate to contact us here.