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3 Pathway Lighting Tips & Ideas  

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Landscape Lighting

Do you ever stumble when you are coming up your walk at night? Or perhaps it is just hard to see. Avoid injuries and keep your garden paths and walkways safer after dark with these three ideas for better illumination.

  1. Direct the light towards the ground.

    Choose path lights for your walkways that direct the light towards the ground. This will not only provide better illumination for potential tripping hazards, but is less intrusive and will reduce the chance of developing night blindness due to the glare.

  2. Choose the right bulbs.

    Bulbs specifically made for the outdoors is a must. Finding the perfect match between too much and too little light can be tricky, and you may need to try a few different bulbs before you find one you love. Some homeowners prefer the flexibility and lower power consumption of LED bulbs while others prefer the classic glow of halogen bulbs.

  3. Pay extra attention to the lighting on your steps.

    The potential for a nighttime slip on your steps is high, so it pays to provide as much light as possible for any outdoor staircase. This is one area of your outdoor path lighting where you may benefit from deck lights on each individual step.

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