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3 Easy Fixes for your Drainage Problems

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Your lawn or garden shouldn’t remind you of the wetlands. If you have standing water, you might have a drainage problem.

Luckily, drainage can often be solved with the right equipment and a little do-it-yourself elbow grease. Try these 3 easy fixes to solve your drainage problem.

1. Divert Excess Water

Analyze your yard to determine where the excess water is coming from. If it is trickling in from a particular location, such as a downspout or driveway, you may want to divert it. Drains, including channel drains, are an excellent way to divert excess water quickly and easily.

2. Install a Catch Basin

Set up a catch basin to trap water and debris. As water fills the basin, it runs out into a drainage pipe, directing excess water to a safe area. Other debris, such as mulch and leaves, remains in the basin – so don’t forget to clean it out on occasion!

3. Use an Atrium Grate

Flat grates can sometimes get covered up by debris. Atrium grates stick up from the ground, which prevents them from being blocked. Combined with channel drains or catch basins, an atrium grate might be the ideal solution to your drainage problem.

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