Facebook 2 Tweaks to Your Irrigation System to Save More Water

2 Tweaks to Your Irrigation System to Save More Water

Posted by: Irrigation Outlet

Conserve Water While Using Your Irrigation System

2 Tweaks to Your Irrigation System to Save More Water

It’s important to save water where you can when using an irrigation system. Not only does it save on utility bills, but it preserves an essential natural resource as well.

1. Using a smart controller is a good way to save more water. Smart controllers adjust watering schedules to match weather conditions. Factors such as solar radiation, plant material, and soil type are also considered. Smart controllers also employ rain and freeze sensors to turn off the irrigation system when it’s raining or temperatures approach freezing.

2. Another money-saving irrigation system tweak is incorporating PRS spray heads. PRS or Pressure Reducing Stem spray heads are an easy retrofit to an existing system and can have tremendous water savings. PRS spray heads have a built-in pressure regulator in the spray head stem. This built-in regulator limits the pressure to 30 pounds per square inch (psi). This reduces fogging which occurs when water is sprayed at high pressure. The high pressure creates very small water droplets that are easily affected by wind. Fogging prevents the water from being applied where it is intended, instead it drifts onto sidewalks and roadways where it becomes runoff.

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