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7 Things You Need to Know to Winter Proof Your Garden

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Winter Garden

For gardeners, fall and winter come too soon. Throughout the spring and summer, you work hard to nurture your garden or yard. Don't let winter destroy your hard work and landscaping. Take a few steps to winter-proof your garden.

7 Things You Need to Know to Winter-Proof Your Garden

1. Insulate or Protect Your Bulbs

The University of Minnesota Extension suggests moving bulbs indoors so they don't freeze. Plant them in a shallow pot, leave the "nose" exposed, but otherwise cover with quality soil then water.

2. Mulch Leaves, Grass and Other Plant Remains

Spread a thin layer of mulch over your garden to help nourish and prepare the soil for next year. Depending on where you live, a cover crop might also be a great way to protect your soil during the fall and winter.

3. Consider Baskets and Container Plants

Container plants and baskets are a portable option to add beauty to your landscape throughout most of the year. When the weather grows too cold, simply move the pots into the garage or a storage shed. However, once the weather gets too cold, the Old Farmer's Almanac advises gardeners to empty outdoor containers so they won't crack in freezing weather. Store these containers upside down.

4. Keep Watering Evergreen Plants

Don't forget to water evergreens, conifers, and hollies " to help protect against root damage. The best time to water these is in-between frozen spells.

5. Prune Trees and Shrubs

Trim away any diseased or damaged branches. Consider hiring a professional if you are not sure of the best practices for any high-value trees or shrubs.

6. Do a Little Fall Cleaning

Clean remaining debris and tidy your lawn and gardening space. Also, take the opportunity to turn the soil using a rake.

7. Drain Hoses and Prepare Irrigation

Drain your hose before the temperature drops to freezing levels. Next, gently roll the hose and store it. Follow the manufacturer's instructions on winterizing your irrigation system. It is easier if you choose the right irrigation system for your landscape.

Do your garden a favor and contact the experts at Irrigation Outlet for more information on which irrigation and drainage systems are right for you. Let Irrigation Outlet be your first stop for your garden equipment needs.