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3 Winning Formulas to Strengthen Your Lawn for Winter  

Terry Brady

The winter months usually aren't very harsh for us in South Carolina, but you still need to do some seasonal work to get your lawn ready for the cooler months. Taking care of your lawn before winter sets in will ensure that it grows in green and lush when spring arrives.

Here are some winning formulas to strengthen your lawn for the winter:

Fertilize Before Winter

You'll want to revitalize the nutrients in the soil after the long summer months. Late fall, preferably before the first frost, is the best time to do this. If you apply a low nitrogen lawn fertilizer before the ground freezes, it will nourish the roots of your lawn all winter long.


During the last month of mowing season, gradually lower your lawn mower's blades a little bit each time. Cutting the grass lower over time will allow it to winter well. The key to knowing the proper mowing height for your lawn, is to know the type of grass you have. Once you have determined the type you have (warm season or cool season), you can maintain it at the suggested height.

Clean off the Lawn

Rake up all the leaves before winter arrives and remove any lawn furniture or other items from the grass. Leaving something on top of the grass can produce an ugly dead spot that you'll have to deal with in the spring. With that in mind, remember that your lawn is not a parking lot during the winter months. If you can minimize foot traffic on the lawn during the winter months, that will help as well.

The key is to do these things before winter arrives and not at the last minute. If you have any questions on landscaping or strengthening your yard, contact Irrigation Outlet for quality products and professional advice.