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3 Pointers to Turn Your Pond Into a Winter Wonderland  

Irrigation Outlet

If you don't get a lot of use out of your backyard pond during the winter, it may be time to rethink your water feature. Fall is the perfect time to start preparing your backyard for a little makeover. Use these tips to get the wonderland look you want.

Consider Leaf Nets During Autumn

The more leaves you get in your pond, the more likely it is to alter its ecological balance. It's not necessarily bad for the pond, but it can mess with the aesthetics of the pond. Leaf nets go over the top of the pond so you get the clean beauty of ice coverage.

Prepare Winter Beds

Summer beds in your garden are full of color and life, and there's no reason to abandon that beauty just because the season has turned. There are many options for seasonal color including Pansies, Kale, and other leafy ornamentals that can tolerate cold temperatures.

Use Diffuser Plates

No matter how cold your area may get, you can keep your fish happy when you use diffuser plates. These keep the water aerated so all of the underwater life will be ready for another spring when it rolls around.

If you have any questions about getting your backyard pond ready for winter, contact Irrigation Outlet. We know just how special it can be to give your yard some attention during the winter. We specialize in providing everything you need (plus the advice you want) to turn your backyard into nothing less than magic.