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8 Tricks For Troubleshooting Your Sprinkler System

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Woman fixing her sprinkler

Automatic sprinkler systems keep your grass nice and green during the sweltering months of summer. When well designed, they provide the right amount of water to all areas of your lawn, without requiring you to go out and move sprinklers. However, they can require maintenance or experience breakdowns just like any other system.

The good news is that you can fix most problems by yourself - without the bill from professional repair services or in-depth knowledge of sprinkler systems. Below are just a few quick fixes for some common sprinkler system issues:

Sprinkler Head Issues

Issues with sprinkler heads are easy to identify. The head's casing could be cracked or broken, heads may not pop-up when they are supposed to, or water may spray sporadically if at all. There are two ways to fix this problem quickly and easily:

  • Replace the broken sprinkler head
  • Clean out the heads and reset

Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can stem from various malfunctions in the system, but all are easy to fix with the right tools.

  • Check backflow device:First, check that the valves are completely open at the backflow device.
  • Repair leaks: While more time-consuming, leaks are a simple fix. Find the leak and replace the damaged pipe with a slip-fix couplng.
  • Reroute obstructed pipes: Tree roots can grow around and through your pipes. If this happens and causes obstruction or leaks, simply reroute your piping, away from the tree roots.

Zone Malfunction

If you notice certain zones not working when your system is on, try these tricks.

  • Check the voltage to the bad zone: Using a multimeter, check the voltage for the zone that has stopped working and replace the controller if the voltage is low.
  • Check transformer and fuse: Connect your multimeter to the transformer. Most irrigation controller transformers should supply 27-28 volts AC.
  • Replace bad valve solenoids: Remove defective solenoid from the valve and replace them with new solenoids.
  • Irrigation Outlet can provide all of the tools and supplies you need to keep your sprinkler system running perfectly. If you have any questions or difficulties with the upkeep and maintenance of your sprinkler system, the professionals at Irrigation Outlet are happy to assist you. Feel free to contact us today.