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How Tree Roots Are Destroying Your Irrigation System

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Large trees in our backyard provide shade during the hot summer afternoons and add to the beauty of our home. However, the roots of the trees can cause immense damage to an irrigation system. It can be a real annoyance especially when the trees are planted too close. Read on to find out how the tree roots destroying your irrigation system;

Naturally, tree roots grow toward the water sources in search of nutrients, water, and oxygen crucial for the growth of the trees. As the roots of the trees become large, they displace the soil. In the process, any structures along the way, irrigation systems laid underground included will feel the effect.

As already noted, tree roots will grow in the direction of the irrigation system as they seek water and nutrients. If the pipes are aged and have started showing signs of cracking, the roots will escalate the matter even with a slight soil displacement.

After some time, the tree roots will the begin forcing themselves into the openings and further inside rupturing the pipes.

How to Prevent the Tree Roots Damage to the Irrigation System

  • Before planting trees in your yard, be sure to establish where the underground lines connecting to the irrigation system are located.
  • Make sure that you choose the tree species such as maple, pagoda and horse chestnuts whose roots pose less risk if any to the irrigation system lines.
  • Use of root barriers made from corrosion resistant metal, plastic or fiberglass that roots cannot penetrate and which is capable of redirecting the roots away from the irrigation system pipes.

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