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4 Essential Sprinkler Tips for Your Home

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A well-watered lawn is the ultimate landscaping hack; it's not only beautiful but also takes your home’s curb appeal to the next level. However, watering efficiency is a concern for many homeowners. While different elements of your lawn such as grass, flowerbeds, and trees have different watering needs, it is vital to learn a few tips to water them more efficiently.

Here are 4 essential sprinkler tips for your home

Time your sprinkler right

The ideal time to water your lawn is in the early morning. During this time of the day, you will lose less water to evaporation. The foliage will have time to dry during the day and make your landscape less susceptible to disease. Avoid watering during the heat of the day and at night.

Water by zones

The different plants in your landscape each have different water needs. Some require water almost daily, while others can go for a week or more. Having your system zoned properly can allow you to water on different schedules. Look for irrigation controllers that have multiple programs and you can devise a watering schedule that your plants will love, and you can enjoy the reduced water costs.

Practice interval watering

Watering your lawn frequently for short periods of time not only wastes water, but isn’t healthy for your lawn. Watering longer but less frequently, encourages deeper more healthy root growth and saves water in the long run as your lawn becomes less dependent on irrigation. Pay attention and look for runoff. Once water starts running off it is no longer being beneficial for irrigation. Dial back on the length of your run time if this happens. You can also look into aerating your lawn a couple of times per year to loosen tight clay soils and allow more water and air to penetrate the ground.

Ensure proper sprinkler coverage

If your lawn doesn't have proper sprinkler coverage, you will have spotty growth and wasted water. Check your sprinkler coverage before each watering session. You can do this by placing measuring cups around your lawn and running the sprinklers for 10 to 20 minutes. Ideally, the water cups should have the same amount of water at the end of the session. If the water levels are too varied, adjust your sprinkler placement.

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