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4 Signs of Drainage Issues

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Proper drainage is vital to every property, and any issues need fixing right away before it escalates. In most cases, the problem will arise from the improperly installed surface and underground water drainage systems and failure to pipe water to a convenient location. When it comes to identifying drainage issues in your garden, landscape or lawn, there are distinct and more subtle signs. We will discuss several signs of water drainage issues:

  • Puddles of Standing Water

    If water pools in one place in your yard, that is the first red flag of drainage problems in your garden, landscape or lawn.

  • Soggy/Sunken Lawn
  • You can tell you have a drainage issue if there’s a patch of your lawn or landscape that appears watery or even sunken. 

  • Soil Erosion
  • Areas where the soil has eroded (washed away) are typically caused by large amounts of water moving at a high rate of speed across this area. In many the source of the water is from a downspout or water coming of off a hardscape area such as a patio or driveway.

  • Front and Backyard Flooding After Rainstorms
  • It's a definite indicator that you have a drainage issue if after heavy rains your backyard and front yard have flooded. This can be dangerous if it starts to leak into the basement walls since it can weaken the foundation.

How to Fix Drainage Problems in Your Yard

  • Fix the grading/topography so that the water runs on the lower side of the yard or landscape rather than toward your basement.
  • Fit your gutters properly and directly pipe or use catch basins to collect water from downspouts and direct the water away from your home. This water can be piped to a dry sump or storm drain.
  • Use channel drains to collect water from drive ways and other hardscape areas and pipe it a dry sump or storm drain.

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