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4 Valuable Steps to Re-adjust Your Pop-Up Spray Heads  

Irrigation Outlet

If you make changes to your garden or your landscaping, you might need to adjust your pop-up sprinkler heads. The good news is that this a really simple process. Most pop-up sprinkler heads are designed the same way and all you'll need to readjust are a pair of pliers and a regular screwdriver.

Here's how to tell whether you should adjust your sprinkler heads and how to do it:

1. Do an Inspection

After watering your lawn, take a look at your lawn to see if there are any problem spots. Is water pooling in one area? That could be a drainage issue on your property, or it could mean that the sprinklers covering that area are delivering too much water. Does your lawn have a nice uniform color? Are there any spots that are "not quite as green?" That could mean you're not delivering enough water to those areas, requiring a different adjustment.

2. Turn the Water Back On

Once you've identified any potential problem spots, turn the water back on. You should be able to visually verify what's happening (too much water or not enough in the problem areas).

3. Readjust Your Pop-Up Spray Heads

To adjust a sprinkler head, grip the sprayer head with a pair of pliers or a pull-up tool, and pull it up as far as it will go. Adjust the nozzle clockwise or counter-clockwise until it will fully cover the area you want watered. If the water spray is too much or too little, you can adjust the output screw on top of the sprinkler head with a screwdriver.

4. Turn the Water Back On

Check your results! Keep adjusting the pop-up heads until you have the water spraying exactly where you want it.

Spray pop-up sprinkler heads are inexpensive and easy to adjust once you get the hang of them. If you have any questions or need any replacement heads, contact Irrigation Outlet!