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Protect Your Property-How Poor Drainage Can Ruin Your Yard  

Irrigation Outlet

Poor drainage does not affect the structural integrity of your house only. It could also be the reason your landscape is dying out and lifeless. Although water is an important commodity in the growth of lush green grass, too much of it can affect the quality and density of grass growing in your yard, and even cause the grass and other plants to dry.

Here are a few ways poor drainage is slowly ruining your yard and making it unsuitable for lawn, flowers and other plants.

Water Logging

Water that stands too long in pools damages the roots of your plants. Too much water deprives the plant roots of oxygen and can cause the roots to rot slowly killing the plants. Being exposed to water for too long deprives the plants of air needed to survive. Prolonged exposure to water also leads to different plant diseases like fungal diseases.

Compacting soil

If the yard is not properly drained and experiences a lot of traffic, the muddy soil can easily become compact. The soil becomes extremely hard and prevents roots of plants from growing getting nutrients, air and water. It also prevents water from leaching properly, and with time, the plants dry out.

Before replanting, the soil has to be loosened. To prevent future damage and compaction, you should consider having alternative routes away from the yard to prevent compacting especially during the rainy seasons.

To enjoy a lush lawn with thriving glass and plants, you need to invest in proper drainage that allow just enough water for the plants to grow without drowning them. One of the ways you can do this is by having a gentle slope on the yard which helps the water flow away. The other is getting quality drainage products. Contact Irrigation Outlet for professional advice and high-quality products.