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3 Effective Ways to Prevent Standing Water on Your Porch/Patio  

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Puddles of rain water on your patio, especially up against your house, can damage plants, furniture and can cause very expensive problems with decay and pests. Here are several of the most commonly used ways to protect your patio from standing water.

1. Install a Channel Drain.

Channel drains provide one of the most effective solutions, and, they're among the most economical alternatives. Installing a channel drain is a straightforward process.

1. Remove a section of stone or concrete from your patio, at the location where the standing water occurs.

2. Install the channel drain and the grate cover in the trench you have created in your patio surface.

3. After installing the channel drain, backfill around the drain with concrete. Trowel the concrete to re-level the surface to its proper grade.

4. The channel drain will rely on gravity to send incoming through the drain, away from the patio.

Channel grates are available in a selection of colors to match your stone or concrete. And, these also come in various metals (such as cast iron or brass).

2. Insert Catch Basins.

Catch basins are effective in collecting surface water from your patio, driveway, or lawn.

1. Water falls through the openings of a grate covering the basin.

2. As water collects in the basin (also called a box), gravity works to send it through the pipe and away from the patio.

Install a filter in your catch basin to catch debris and stop it from obstructing the flow of water through the drain pipe.

3. Dig French Drains.

French drains installed along the perimeter of your patio, sidewalk, or other hardscaped area (or near your home's foundation) are effective in drying areas that problematically remain wet after rain has stopped. French drains are simple to create.

1. Dig a trench

2. Place a perforated pipe in the trench.

3. Use gravel or another coarse aggregate to backfill the trench.

4. Cover the drain with no more than 3-4 inches of topsoil and turf (sod).

The French drain establishes a well-draining space for water to readily leak into. Note: These drains are less effective than catch basins or channel drains in eliminating large amounts of water. French drains are most useful to dry out areas that stay wet for too long after rains have ended.

Additional preventive measures

Other measures you may consider for either quick temporary or permanent solutions to prevent standing water on your porch.

  • Install storm windows.
  • Install awnings.
  • Install Trench Drains.
  • Build in a floor slope.
  • Cover openings with plastic tarps.

For More Information

Before you decide to replace your porch or to undertake other major construction in order to correct a problem with standing water on your porch or patio, contact Irrigation Outlet to speak to an expert about alternative solutions for your specific situation.