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Simple Ways to Prevent Your Irrigation Pipes from Freezing

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Frozen Pipes

As a homeowner, an irrigation system for your lawn or garden is essential. However, the onset of winter comes with extremely low temperatures that pose the risk of frozen water pipes.

Frigid temperatures turn the water inside the pipe into ice. As water freezes it expands and can cause damage to pipe and other components of your irrigation system. Here's how to prevent your irrigation pipes from freezing in the coming winter.

Shut off the Water to the Irrigation System

Upon the onset of the winter season, the first step is to turn off the main valve supplying water to the irrigation system. If you live in a colder region, the main valve of your irrigation should not be vulnerable to freezing.

During the installation of your irrigation system, the best practice is to position the main valve below the frost line. Moreover, it should be housed inside a heated room and insulated to make it freeze proof.

Adjust the Auto Irrigation System Controller to the Rain Setting

If your irrigation system is automatic, cut the water supply at the main valve and then shut down the controller entirely. Alternatively, you can tune to the rain mode' so that signals are no longer transmitted to the valves.

Drain all the Components of the Irrigation System

Drain all of the water from the mainline and other components of the irrigation system such as sprinklers to prevent freezing. In colder climates, irrigation contractors install a connection that will allow them to pump low pressure air through the irrigation system to blow the water out of the system.

Remove Backflow Preventer

The backflow preventer may also need to be removed if it is installed above ground. If removing the backflow preventer is not convenient, another solution is to install an insulated cover.

Your irrigation system needs to remain efficient regardless of the climate. If you have any queries or happen to experience problems with your irrigation system, Irrigation Outlet has experts eager to help.