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4 Landscape Irrigation Tips to Make Your Lawn Look Its Best

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Irrigation is a very key aspect of lawn maintenance. It needs to be done right to ensure that your lawn flourishes and stays healthy. Overdoing it or under-doing it will expose your lawn to several challenges such as the risk of disease attack and drying up respectively.

Here are vital irrigation tips to follow through with to ensure a beautiful and eye-catching lawn;

1. Water management

Managing your lawn irrigation water is vital. It not only helps you conserve water bills by a large extent, but also makes sure your lawn gets the right amount of water always. Automated sprinklers work well in ensuring water management is optimized.

2. Irrigate your lawn in the morning

Irrigate your lawn early in the morning so that the sun can help dry the grass afterwards. Watering at night may result in prolonged moisture accumulation on the grass blades, exposing it to the risk of attack by some diseases.

3. Water less often, but for prolonged periods

It is always best to water your lawn less often but for considerably prolonged periods. And remember, just wetting the grass isn't watering the lawn. The lawn needs to soak in adequate water so that the moisture gets into the soil well.

4. Adjust your sprinklers accurately

Make sure that your sprinklers are evenly spread to guarantee that all areas of the lawn receive equal proportions of water. If they are not well spread out, some areas will be over-saturated and this will create some inconsistency in the growth of your lawn.

These are just but a few of the essential lawn irrigation tips to keep your lawn healthy and flourishing. Try them today.