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Is Your Sprinkler System Leaking Money? How to Tell & How to Fix It

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Spotting Sprinkler System Leaks

Is Your Sprinkler System Leaking Money? How to Tell & How to Fix It

How do you tell if your sprinkler system has a leak? Well there are some sure signs that you can look for to find the answer.

Broken sprinkler heads are easy to find and replace. Typically you will see a small geyser of water shooting into the air when the sprinkler system is turned on. This is usually indicative of a sprinkler that has found the lawn mower. Replacing a sprinkler head is a relatively simple project. You will need to dig around the broken head and remove it from its threaded fitting that attaches it to the pipe. Replace the broken head with a new one and set to proper grade. Replace and pack the dirt back around the sprinkler and you are good as new. You will probably need to adjust the arc if you are replacing a rotating sprinkler.

• If you notice an area of your lawn that is soggy or muddy or starting to turn yellow, this could be a sign of an underground leak due to a broken pipe. A telescoping repair coupling is an ideal choice for a good quick fix.

• You can also check your water meter if you suspect a leak. If the meter is constantly moving, then you likely have a leak somewhere. This is something you should do as part of your monthly irrigation system maintenance check. It is much better spending a few minutes observing your meter than it is to receive a huge water bill without an explanation. The easiest way to check your system is to observe it working. You will notice anything that is out of place pretty quickly.

For help with a leaky sprinkler system, call Irrigation Outlet @ [803] 461-0561; our skilled experts can help you learn to spot any leaks in your system and recommend a course of action.

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