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How Can I Improve Shady Areas of My Lawn?  

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There's nothing as pleasant as relaxing on a shady lawn on a hot afternoon. However, dense canopies will filter out the essential rays of the sun that ensure optimal growth of plants such as grass, leaving annoying patches on the lawn. Fortunately, if the shade is partial, there's a way to ensure the survival of your lawn. Here's how;

Thin Out the Trees

Most of the lawn grasses will need 4-6 hours of sunlight per day. Start pruning the low tree branches for the light to penetrate. In areas where it's too dense, you might need to selectively remove some of the trees so the sunlight can filter through.

Select Grasses Suited to Shady Areas

Grass-types like St. Augustine and Tall Fescue perform exceptionally better in the shady areas compared to other varieties. All varieties require a certain amount of light for growth and the shade-tolerant grass types are no exception.

Rake the Fallen Leaves Under the Trees Regularly

If you have trees that shed leaves on your lawn in the autumn and spring, you'll need to rake them up on a frequent basis. Yard debris, such as leave, can block sunlight and kill the grass underneath. Removing this debris will allow sunlight to penetrate and will give the grass some space to grow.

Avoid Overfeeding & Overwatering

If you overwater and provide more food than necessary, the roots will stay close to the surface and they will no longer penetrate the ground deeply to search for nutrients and water. That results in shallow roots, which can cause problems during periods of drought.

Overseed the Shady Areas

Plants in the shade will thin out due to insufficient light. Be sure to use more seeds in the shady areas to reduce the number of patches. Before sowing, eliminate any debris and dead grass.

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