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How Underwater Lights Can Help Enhance Your Pool  

Irrigation Outlet

Your swimming pool should be more than just a place to cool off in the hot weather. With a few changes, it can become the focal point of your entire backyard's hardscape. One of the best ways to transform the look of your pool area is to incorporate more underwater lighting.

Underwater illumination provides beauty and safety whether you are taking a late-night dip or gathering with your friends for an evening get-together.

Today's modern lighting options allow homeowners to:

Extend Pool Usage Into The Evening Hours

The South is known for its famously hot summers, with heat extending into the evening hours. So why not enjoy your pool then too? Adding pool lighting will make the pool safer, improve visibility and allow you and your friends to enjoy a swim under the stars!

Improve Pool Safety

Safety is always a top priority for pool owners, especially when you have children and pets nearby. To improve visibility, especially for nighttime swimming, we recommend selecting white lights and placing them along your pool's side walls and steps. Keep your pool area stress free by placing lighting in hard-to-see areas. This will also create a warm glow as the light gently filters up through the water producing a welcoming glow!

Create a Backyard Getaway

Choose underwater lighting directed upwards to help your pool take on an almost magical appearance. There are many color choices available, and some options allow the user to change the lights' color and brightness remotely.

Create a dream-like look by adding under cap color-changing LED lighting to your pool. The source of under cap light is almost invisible so all you and your guests will see a pool of color as the light reflects off the water's surface.

Take the first step to design your own oasis speaking with the pool lighting experts at Irrigation Outlet. Call (803) 461-0561 to speak with an expert about lighting projects for your new or existing swimming pool.