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3 Key First Steps to a Healthy Vegetable Garden

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Planting a vegetable garden at home is a simple way to save money on quality produce. Impressively, a single tomato plant can yield approximately 10 pounds of fruit in a single growing season. Additionally, gardening is a great excuse to escape reality and spend quality time outdoors. These key first steps to a healthy vegetable garden should help you grow produce that even surpasses the quality of vegetables found in grocery stores.

Tips for a Healthy Vegetable Garden

  1. Decide What Vegetables to Plant.Think about what vegetables are regularly consumed in your household, and research whether those plants are suitable for your climate. Also, remember plants like peppers and tomatoes provide produce throughout the season, while others produce a single vegetable. 
  2. Pick the Right Location for Your Garden.Your garden will most likely need to receive full sun or nearly full sun. It should also be located near a convenient water source, since hauling buckets of water back and forth is definitely less than ideal. Good soil is also extremely important. In fact, the success of your vegetable garden starts with the quality of the earth. Make sure it is moist and well-drained.
  3. Plan the Layout.The layout is largely dependent on the vegetables you choose, but make sure you provide ample space for each plant. As you plan where you are going to place your veggies, consider the space required for a drip irrigation system to keep them properly watered.
  4. Care for Your Garden.Your plants will need a steady supply of moisture. For in-ground gardens, this may mean watering your garden about twice a week. Many watering systems have a timer built in so your garden will get the water it needs. For raised beds and potted plants, you might need to water every other day. You will also need to pull weeds regularly, as weeds compete for nutrients with your plants. If your soil is not high-quality compost, think about using a light fertilizer for maximum success.

Following these simple steps should have you on your way to a successful and healthy vegetable garden. For any further questions, contact the experts at Irrigation Outlet.