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Hack: How to Cut Your Grass and Improve the Health of Your Lawn  

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The first impression visitors get when they see your home is of your front yard. Most homeowners tend to think that to keep a healthy lawn requires the use of excessive water, pesticides, and fertilizer but it is much easier than that.

Below are some easy steps to ensure you have the greenest and healthiest lawn in your neighborhood;

Mow According to Grass Type

The most basic lawn care trick is simple yet keeps your lawn looking healthy. The performance of your grass depends on the height at which it is mowed. Be sure to check those numbers according to the type of grass growing in your yard.

Aerate the lawn

The soil beneath the grass will over time become compacted. Compacted soil has poor water drainage, poor air circulation, and poor nutrient absorption. Soil organisms such as earthworms cannot establish in compacted soil. You can aerate the lawn by using a core aerator and punching holes 2.5 to 3 inches deep in the ground.

Water the lawn deeply and less often

Contrary to popular belief, watering your lawn a few minutes every day of the week will not help your lawn. To grow a healthier lawn, you need to water the grass deeply, at the correct time of day, and make sure not to over-water. By doing so, the roots of the grass grow deeper into the soil helping your grass stay greener even in the driest month. You need to evenly water your lawn with 1 to 1.5 inches of water per week. You will need a reliable irrigation system to achieve this.

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