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3 Tips for Handling Duckweed in Your Home's Pond  

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While duckweed is a fairly small floating plant that can develop in ponds and water features it can multiply and spread quickly destroying the look of your pond and wreaking havoc with your filtration system. The best defense to preventing a problematic spread in your pond is by treating it as soon as it emerges

Remove What You Can With a Skimmer

To quickly remove the surface duckweed and prepare your pond for treatment, you can use a rake or pond skimmer to remove all of the plants that are covering the surface of your pond and pull them from the water.

Use an Herbicide to Remove Current Duck Weed

Once the surface has been cleared, you should treat your pond with an herbicide that will help kill off any remaining duckweed in your pond and prevent it from forming at the surface again. You can use either an all season long herbicide or broad-spectrum herbicide to completely destroy the duckweed that is remaining in the pond.

Use Aeration or Nutrient Reduction Products to Prevent a Resurgence

You can prevent a recurrence of duckweed by adding nutrient reduction products to your pond which will eliminate the condition in which aquatic plants thrive. You can also try adding aeration products which disrupt the sediment buildup which will make the pond inhospitable for the emergence of duckweed. While these two measures are useful to prevent duckweed form forming they will not treat it once it has occurred.

If you have problems with duckweed in your pond or have questions on other ways to maintain your pond to keep it looking beautiful, contact Irrigation Outlet today to find out which products will work best for your needs.