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3 Chemicals to Help Your Lawn Make It Through Winter

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Although spring is usually the time that most people are thinking about their lawns, winter is an important season for lawn care too. You won't have to spend a lot of time on cold weather lawn care to prepare your yard for the spring. Here are three necessary chemicals that will help your lawn stay healthy all winter long.


Fertilizing your lawn in the late fall or early winter can help replace nutrients lost through the soil during the hot summer months. If your lawn is a cool season lawn such as Fescue, you'll want to fertilize your lawn in the late fall or early winter before the first freeze. The fertilizer will feed your lawn's roots all winter long. You'll be rewarded in the spring with lush, green grass.


Was your lawn plagued with summer patch, leaf spot or dollar spot this summer? Lawn diseases such as these can be prevented with the application of a fungicide in the late fall. Applying a fungicide right before winter sets in will help reduce the likelihood of a recurrence of the disease next year. It will also help minimize injury to your turf.


Fall or early winter is the best time to manage weeds. Waiting until the spring to worry about weed control is too late. By that time, the unwelcome plants have already taken over. A pre-emergent herbicide applied in the late fall, or early winter will help prevent weeds from running rampant in your lawn in the spring. The herbicide will have ample time to move into the root systems where it will work to kill weeds before they even emerge.

If you have questions about winter lawn care, contact the experts at the Irrigation Outlet. We can help you transform your lawn into a beautiful landscape that you’ll enjoy all year-round.