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How a Catch Basin and Grate Can Stop Water from Pooling in Your Yard

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Water pooling in your yard can cause your grass to become oversaturated and cause a lack of growth. Below are some common signs of a drainage problem.

1. Wet spots in your lawn or irregular lawn growth

If you see wet spots in your lawn when it hasn't been raining, or when some of your lawn is greener and growing faster than the rest of your lawn, that area is probably receiving water which was not drained properly.

2. Water stains in the basement

Your first sign might be discolored walls. Depending on where you spot the stain you can gauge the severity of the problem. If the stain is on the wall it could be as simple as surface water, which is an easy fix. However, if you notice a stain that extends around the basement you could be looking at a more extensive repair.

3. Cracks in the foundation of your home

Some cracks are normal, as houses settle over the years. But keep an eye on them, and if they are growing you should probably call an expert as they could damage the structure of your house. If the crack becomes larger than 1/8-inch it may be a sign that a drainage problem is ruining your foundation - so don't wait to call in the pros.

4. Sluggish or belching drains

If you have more than one drain running slowly, chances are it’s not a hairball clogging your drain. A drainage problem can cause a vacuum in your pipes, making it hard for water to drain properly.

5. Sewer odors

The stagnant water from a malfunctioning drain can cause some pretty gruesome smells, These not-so-pleasant smells combined with the poor ventilation in your air pipes could often causes negative air pressure, letting sewer gas in.

How a Catch Basin and Grate Works

When you install a catch basin and grate in your yard, it collects the surface water that would otherwise pool in your yard and possibly affect the foundation of your home. To install a catch basin and grate, you will first need to put in an underground drain pipe to direct the water to a storm drain or other location away from your home’s foundation. The grate also prevents debris from entering the drain and clogging it.

Irrigation Outlet offers four different types of catch basins and grates. These include atrium, decorative, round, and square. You can learn more about each type by navigating to the page labeled Drainage and then clicking on Grates.