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3 Best Ways to Prevent Weeds

Irrigation Outlet

You put a lot work into your home and you do not want to let weeds take over your yard. Take some proactive steps to make sure that weeds never stand a chance! Here are three of the best ways to prevent weeds from growing in the first place.

1. Feed the Grass

Weeds don't stand a chance against a healthy, lush lawn. Give your lawn the proper amount of fertilizer every six to eight weeks during the growing season. If the grass in your lawn stays healthy and full, it prevents weeds from sprouting in the first place. Be sure to rake up excessive grass clippings on a regular basis, so they can't build up and create a "dead spot" on the lawn (weeds love those dead spots).

2. Raise Your Mower Blades

Weeds cannot sprout if they do not receive sunlight. Raise the blades on your lawn mower to one of the two highest settings. This will allow your grass to grow just a little bit taller, which prevents sunlight from reaching all the way down to where the weed seeds are.

3. Water Properly

If you water your lawn more frequently, with smaller amounts of water, your grass will grow shallow roots in response. A better option is to water deeply and less frequently. This way the roots of your grass will dig more deeply into the soil, to absorb as much water as possible. A deeper root structure for your grass will provide less room for weeds to sprout.

What to Do If the Weeds Start to Win

Sometimes the weeds may start to take hold, despite your best efforts. If that happens, give us a call at Irrigation Outlet at (803) 461-0561. We have selective herbicides available that will target the weeds in your lawn while leaving your grass green and healthy.