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3 Worth - It Tips to Avoid Crabgrass Taking Over Your Lawn  

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Your lawn is the first impression you make on your visitors and having a well-manicured and beautifully kept yard can increase the value of your home and make your home stand out. To keep your lawn looking amazing controlling crabgrass is vital. Check out these three worth-it tips to prevent crabgrass from invading your lawn.

Keep Your Lawn Mowed to the Appropriate Length

Schedule regular lawn mowings and keep it a consistent length with what is recommended for your grass type. To prevent the emergence of crabgrass choose the highest length that is recommended as crabgrass requires sufficient light to germinate, so keeping the ground shaded can prevent the germination of crabgrass in your yard.

Fill in Thin Areas With Grass Seed

Open patches and thinning grass areas are the perfect space for crabgrass to take hold and spread throughout the lawn. The most efficient way to combat the spread of crabgrass is by withholding what it needs to germinate and spread. Filling in these areas will limit the places it can take root and prevent the amount of sunlight it will receive.

Water Heavier in Longer Intervals

Once your lawn is established, you will want to water your grass on a regular schedule in longer intervals with heavier amounts of water versus more frequent waterings for shorter periods of time. Watering this way will help your lawn develop turf grass which can help reduce your risk of crabgrass taking root and spreading throughout your lawn.

If you are looking for more information on how to avoid crabgrass from taking up permanent residence on your lawn contact Irrigation Outlet to find out more information or find the products you need to solve your crabgrass concerns.