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The Do's and Don’ts of Adding Landscape Lighting

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car next to a yard light

Homeowners know that landscape lighting adds security, visual appeal and value to their homes. Look at these do’s and don’ts of adding landscape lighting.

Plan Before You Buy

Take a photo of the front of your house. Print several 8 x 10s and use them to develop a plan. Go across the street at dusk and make notes of areas that look especially dark.

Concentrate on lighting your house, the walkway and steps to your front door and the entrance to your driveway.

Illuminating Your House

Make sure to use directional lights at each corner of your house. Use these to highlight architectural details of your home. Utilize a wall washer for flat facades or privacy and garden walls. Be sure to illuminate the second story of your home. Down lights on the eaves of your home add the perfect touch.

Avoid Straight Lines

Stagger your lights along the walkway to avoid looking like a runway. Be creative placing landscape lighting at the front of your house. Use a combination of up lights and down lights to create a well-lit and appealing appearance.

Accent Features

Be sure to accent a beautifully shaped tree with a well light. Use a bullet-spotlight light for water features or boulders.

Lighting set in the risers of your stairs adds safety and architectural interest. If you have steps along your walkway, be sure to illuminate them too.

Don’t Forget the Basics

In addition to the lights themselves, you will also need a transformer, wire, connectors, and other accessories such as a timer and/or photo cell.

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