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Reasons Your Irrigation's Water is Pooling in Your Yard

Irrigation Outlet

If you have water pooling in the yard every time you run your irrigation system, something needs to be corrected. Sometimes the problem will just require a simple fix, like replacing some sprinkler heads. But first, you have to identify the problem. Here are some possible reasons why your yard looks more like a pond after you run the water.

Reasons Your Irrigation System's Water Pools in the Yard
  • Broken Sprinkler Heads: If your sprinkler system is automated, you might be running it at night or while you're at work. Turn the system on so you can see it in action. A busted sprinkler head can shoot water straight up in the air the entire time. Spray head nozzles are quick and easy to replace.
  • Misplaced Sprinkler Heads: If your home has an irrigation system that was a DIY installation, it may not have properly accounted for a slope in the yard. Call in the pros to check your system and determine if it needs to be adjusted or reinstalled.
  • Broken Sprinkler Lines: Just because your sprinkler lines are underground does not mean they are unbreakable. A broken line can cause water too pool on the surface.
  • Thatch & Yard Debris: Sometimes pooling water will have nothing to do with your irrigation system. If you have a lot of leaves or grass clippings built up on the lawn, it can prevent water from reaching the soil quickly enough. Take a rake to your yard and see if clearing off the thatch can reduce the problem.

If you just can't determine the cause of water pooling on your lawn, give us a call at Irrigation Outlet to check your system at (803) 461-0561.